James Kelly

Audio Programmer & Sound Designer


About Me

I am a passionate audio programmer and sound designer from the UK. I have experience working on AAA games for clients like Microsoft and Sony. I am knowledgeable about audio simulation, ambisonics, 3D audio and haptics. Currently, I work as a Senior Technical Sound Designer at Climax Studios.


Game audio technology fascinates me—from DSP and middleware to engines and programming languages—and I am proficient in industry-standard software like Wwise, FMOD, Unreal, and Unity. I also have experience with proprietary engines, frameworks like JUCE, and tools like Max MSP.

I am currently developing a new audio middleware called Sound Bakery. The tool aims to offer an editor similar to Wwise, an API like FMOD, and customisation like Reaper.

Sound Design

My background in music and composition drives my sound design. Stories and emotions always come first, and I love bringing worlds to life.

The games that resonate with me the most are ones with strong creative vision and evocative audio. I love Control's creative sound design, Neir:Automata's beautiful score, and Returnal's otherworldly creatures and ambience.

I am an avid user of Reaper and Kilohearts and am experienced with Fabfilter and Soundtoys plugins.